• Magical Kiss / Claude Brazeau MPA
  • Love Potion Number Nine / Jason Brown
  • Twilight Dance / Jenny Alston, MPA
  • In Her Realm / Gina Yesnik, MPA

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Portfolio Contacts

The members that volunteer to chair a portfolio are responsible for the daily business of that portfolio. 


Portfolio Chairs

Have A Question About Something Specific? Reach Out Directly To The Member Responsible


Accreditation Chair
Tracy Grabowski MPA SPA 
Email: accreditation@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (780) 413-4550

Marlene Palamarek
Email: marlene@paintedlightphotography.ca
Phone: (403) 358-9753

Benchmark Survey Chair 
Kamini LeCapelain CPA 
Email: benchmark@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (519) 614-2102

Bylaws Chair
Liette Chamberland
Email: lc@liettechamberland.com
Phone: (450) 202-4114

Canadian Imaging 2019 Coordinator
Nelson Simard HLM MPA SPA 
Email: bureauduppoc@ppoc.ca
Phone: (888) 643-PPOC (7762) or (519) 537-2555

Communications Chair
Jill Shantz MPA
Email: communications@ppoc.ca
Phone: (780) 499-8182

Copyright Chair
Greg Blue
Email: copyright@ppoc.ca
Phone: (604) 644-7991

Ethics Chair
Brent Edwardson, HLM, MPA, SPA 
Email: ethics@ppoc.ca
Phone: (604) 463-5306

Exhibition Chair
Charles van den Ouden, MPA SPA 
Email: nec@ppoc.ca
Phone: (647) 282-0307

Gallerie Magazine Editor
Bruce Hendricks MPA 
Email: editor@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (204) 224-2424

Membership Chair
Sébastien Lavallée MPA 
Email: ondirector@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (819) 319-9075

Mentorship Chair
Chris Thombs CD MPA
Email: mentorship@ppoc.ca
Phone: (780) 499-2627

Ross Outerbridge MPA 
Email: bcdirector@ppoc.ca
Phone: : (250) 314-7627

Nominations Chair
Tina Weltz MPA SPA
Email: past-chair@ppoc.ca
Phone: (519) 669-3993

Student Program Chair
Wayne Inverarity SPA
Email: winverar@sasktel.net
Phone: (306) 530-8888

Translation Chair
Michael Muraz
Email: michael@muraz.eu
Phone: (416) 427-1250

Webinar Chair
Gerry David
Email: geraldpdavid@me.com
Phone: (403) 351-9486

Karla Wakefield
Email: webmaster@ppoc.ca
Phone: (604) 813-2435

Welcome Committee Chair
Lois Nuttall CPA
Email: loisnuttall1@gmail.com
Phone: (807) 636-0512