Travel Tricks Part 2 - Choosing the right Point and Shoot travel camera

There are several things to consider when buying a Point and Shoot camera for travel. And yes, you need to buy one. Trust me. You may not get any award winning photographs from it (although you can and may), but chosen well, it will help you with your thought process and scene selection, as well as help your marriage! (the above photograph, which falls into my "Snapshot memory" folder, was taken...

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Travel Tricks - Part 1 - What kind of picture are you taking?

For a photographer, vacations can become a bit of a stressful event. There is the stress of the vacation itself (yes, although they are supposed to relax you, studies have shown that vacations can be more stressful than everyday life!), the stress of sleeping in different beds, of keeping a bunch of people busy and happy, and lastly, of trying really hard to document the trip. You are, after all...

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The OBSERVER Series - Part 1 - The Pre-accreditation Process

The OBSERVER Series – a series of articles for PPOC Observer Members

Part 1 – The Pre-Accreditation Process

About 4 years ago, BC Branch began a service they refer to as pre-accreditation. The idea is you submit 15 of your images that you feel are ready for accreditation in front of a group of regional judges, and they rate and comment on them.

This year, the process has been adopted at a...

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The OBSERVER Series - Part 2 - Journey to Accreditation

The OBSERVER Series – a series of articles for PPOC Observer Members

Part 2 – Journey to Accreditation

I wanted to write a series of articles that would help PPOC Observer members feel welcome, and help them get excited about moving on to the next level with confidence. My first article in this series (before it was a series) was called The Pre-Accreditation Review Process. Read it, it’s...

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2016 PPOC Alberta Central Branch (all branches welcome!) BBQ - Sunday July 17, 1-5 pm

Come join us for our annual PPOC Alberta Central Branch BBQ! All members are welcome.


Directions are at the bottom.


Please go here to register (by July 10, 2016):


$10 per adult includes food & beverages

(if anyone has dietary concerns, let us know ASAP)


$5.00 Kids over 5 -12 yrs 


Kids under...

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COL. (Retired) Chris Hadfield Receives An Honourary S.P.A.

Commander Chris Hadfield receives designation from the Professional Photographers of Canada

It is my pleasure to announce that the Professional Photographers of Canada has chosen to recognize Commander Chris Hadfield with an honorary Service of Photographic Arts Designation. Commander Hadfield spent 5 months in space and traveled 62 million miles, photographing our world from a vantage...

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Updated PPOC Logos

Visit the member's section of our website, to find updated PPOC logos for you to use in promoting your business and the association. We are asking members to use the same logo across the country in an effort to brand our association.  In keeping with our bylaws only accredited, active, retired and trade members may use the PPOC Logo and it is to be...

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PPOC will participate in the inaugural World Photographic Cup

The Professional Photographers of Canada announces their participation in the inaugural World Photographic Cup. World Photographic Cup intends to search for excellence - world wide- in a new and special way! Photographic associations have been invited to send a national TEAM ENTRY to represent their highest standard of photographic excellence and PPOC will be sending the Canadian entry. The World...

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Accreditation: Child/Infant Portraiture - Susie Crichton

Every accreditation portfolio submitted is returned to it's owner with a critique sheet that includes the judges comments, however, the best way to really learn through the accreditation process is to attend a judging and watch your images being judged! Member Susie Crichton from Prince George, BC was able to watch her recent successful accreditation in child/infant portrait being judged at our...

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Accreditation: What are Judges Looking for?

By Jen Alston, CPA

I have heard many photographers who say that getting their work assessed, or judged is “for the birds”, their clients love their work and judging doesn’t take into account their “style”, therefore the judging process is wrong.  My acerbic visceral thoughts are, “Really?”

I do admit that I’m from the perspective of doing anything I can to increase my photographic...

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