PPOC-ON Ontario

Updated PPOC Logos

Visit the member's section of our website, ppoc.ca to find updated PPOC logos for you to use in promoting your business and the association. We are asking members to use the same logo across the country in an effort to brand our association.  In keeping with our bylaws only accredited, active, retired and trade members may use the PPOC Logo and it is to be...

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PPOC Executive Board Vice President - Brian Boyle, MPA SPA

Today, we'd like to introduce you to the Professional Photographer's of Canada's Vice President Brian Boyle, MPA SPA from Scarborough ON. Brian is also the copyright chair and has spent many hours dedicating his time to improving the copyright laws in Canada for photographer's. He is a dedicated member of the PPOC and we are excited to share a bit more with you about what Brian does! "I studied...

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PPOC National Executive Director - Tanya Thompson

A photographer I am NOT. I was a Fine Arts major at University and theatre has been in my blood since I was a young teen, but it wasn't something that my family took seriously, and in all fairness, there wasn't a great job market for thespians in Saskatchewan:) My Dad once asked me what I would actually be qualified to do when I completed school- "wash a bus?". Tanya with her father at age 2: "I...

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