Updated PPOC Logos

Visit the member's section of our website, to find updated PPOC logos for you to use in promoting your business and the association. We are asking members to use the same logo across the country in an effort to brand our association.  In keeping with our bylaws only accredited, active, retired and trade members may use the PPOC Logo and it is to be...

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A Camera Review - From a Unique Perspective

Most photographers have read several reviews on new cameras put out from industry experts, but this camera review, is incredibly unique! Chris Thombs is a commercial photographer/videographer from Edmonton. AB and is putting the new Nikon D600 through it's paces while sky diving! "D600 Nikon DSLR First, thank you to Nikon Professional Services, the skydivers at Eden North, Dayne and The Frolics...

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Why do you submit to accreditations?

Member since 1994, 28 Accreditations

“If you are submitting for the first time, be bold, be comfortable with the idea it might not be accepted. Get someone to guide you, brag that you are submitting, and use it as a growing tool” Why do you submit accreditations?

For a variety of reasons:

It’s a big marketing tool for us
It got us to explore unique...

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Master's of Photographic Arts - Mark Orenstein, MPA

Craftsman, Master and Service of Photographic Arts are honours bestowed upon its members by the Professional Photographer’s of Canada and denote proven photographic ability and commitment to the association and its constituents. Merit points toward these awards are earned by participating in the PPOC National Image Competition, by working for the association and/or its constituent associations,...

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Service of Photographic Arts: Peter Gold, MPA SPA

The Service of Photographic Arts (SPA) award honours those members who have dedicated themselves to volunteering within the Professional Photographer's of Canada and to educating members and the general public on the technical aspects of professional photography. Members earn merits for speaking to photographers, volunteering for board positions at the branch, provincial or national levels,...

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PPOC Board Member - Chris Stambaugh, HLM MPA

On the Professional Photographer's of Canada's executive board, sits a director representing each province in Canada. The Alberta representative is Chris Stambaugh, MPA from Edmonton, AB. Chris also serves in the position of national treasurer. "I have been working as a professional photographer for 22 years. I started out as an avid amateur in high school and took my first photography course...

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Craftsman of Photographic Arts: Linda Senychych, CPA

We'd like to introduce you to another member who recently earned her Craftsman of Photographic Arts award from the Professional Photographer's of Canada. Linda Senychych is from Calgary, AB where she is active in her branch, holding many roles over the year from branch chair, to registration for national convention, to welcoming all the new members to the branch! Congratulations Linda! "I was six...

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Craftsman of Photographic Arts - David Scougal

To earn the award of Craftsman of Photographic Arts from the Professional Photographer's of Canada, a member must earn an accreditation, accumulate print merits by entering into national print competition, and accumulate service merits by volunteering within the organization. The process takes dedication to the craft of photography and active involvement in the PPOC. This year, David Scougal from...

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Master of Photographic Arts Award - Dan Nelson

The Professional Photographer's of Canada's website explains the CPA and MPA awards as this: "PPOC members can achieve awards -Master of Photographic Arts, Service of Photographic Arts, and Craftsman of Photographic Arts - by accumulating merits through participation in the PPOC national print show, by working for the association or its provincial member associations, and by promoting...

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PPOC Executive Board Vice President - Brian Boyle, MPA SPA

Today, we'd like to introduce you to the Professional Photographer's of Canada's Vice President Brian Boyle, MPA SPA from Scarborough ON. Brian is also the copyright chair and has spent many hours dedicating his time to improving the copyright laws in Canada for photographer's. He is a dedicated member of the PPOC and we are excited to share a bit more with you about what Brian does! "I studied...

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