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Karyn Lee MPA

When considering content for websites, many people overlook the importance of optimizing your images for the web. A properly optimized image loads quickly, can be indexed by the Google Image Search, and fits nicely to a viewers screen.

The first step with optimizing your images is to size them correctly. A print-resolution image will take quite a...

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Preparing for a Great Professional Headshot

by Jana Miko

Your headshot is an important representation of you and your business. It should reflect your true personality and can often provide a level of reflection into your business as well. The following are standard guidelines to help prepare you to get the best possible headshot.


- Choose an outfit that fits you well. Make sure it is not too tight(or loose) and that it lays...

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Travel Tricks Part 2 - Choosing the right Point and Shoot travel camera

There are several things to consider when buying a Point and Shoot camera for travel. And yes, you need to buy one. Trust me. You may not get any award winning photographs from it (although you can and may), but chosen well, it will help you with your thought process and scene selection, as well as help your marriage! (the above photograph, which falls into my "Snapshot memory" folder, was taken...

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How to get the most out of your press release



Look up the names of all editors in your local media. Check all of your newspapers, magazines, tv  and radio stations contact pages for an email address for the editor.

It is important to note that you should not send a mass email with your press release, you're better off to send them individually and personalize each one (Get the editors name if you...

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Making the Media Work for You

Make no mistake about it, if you can provide current, relevant and engaging information on a topic the public is interested in, the media will be only too happy to speak with you.

It takes time to build a successful career as a professional photographer. Even after you’ve reached the point where you feel comfortable identifying yourself as such, there is still a great deal of work involved in...

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Be inspired, Be creative, Be original

With the recent passing to law of copyright provisions affecting our very livelihood, there are areas of concern and confusion that exist surrounding the wording and some of the terms used. Dramatic events over the past months have brought to light the misuse of intellectual property, in the form of blog posts, contest entries, and image handling techniques. Numerous contest reversal decisions...

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On the road again

Tips and Tricks for travelling with your gear By Chris Thombs Traveling with camera equipment (plus all the other things one could need) can make a load heavy and raise questions with border guards. Let’s take a look at how to pack these various items to make carrying easy and as light as possible. Then, before stepping out the door, a few pointers on avoiding problems at customs. Think of...

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How to Critique Photos Effectively

Member and master photographer Mark Laurie from Calgary, AB shares some advice today on submitting your work for critique. Mark is a portrait photographer specializing in nudes, boudoir and interpretive female portraiture and he has 28 accreditations plus numerous print competition awards under his belt. He plays an active role in the PPOC by serving as a mentor for Alberta members that are...

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Canadian Photographers Own Their Copyright

A Great Victory for Canadian Photographers.

At last, Canadian Photographers Own Their Copyright.The Professional Photographers of Canada (PPOC) and the Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators (CAPIC) would like to congratulate all Canadian photographers in Canada on this important date and pivotal achievement in the photographic industry. As of today, Canadian photographers now...

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A Camera Review - From a Unique Perspective

Most photographers have read several reviews on new cameras put out from industry experts, but this camera review, is incredibly unique! Chris Thombs is a commercial photographer/videographer from Edmonton. AB and is putting the new Nikon D600 through it's paces while sky diving! "D600 Nikon DSLR First, thank you to Nikon Professional Services, the skydivers at Eden North, Dayne and The Frolics...

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