Accreditation: Child/Infant Portraiture - Susie Crichton

Every accreditation portfolio submitted is returned to it's owner with a critique sheet that includes the judges comments, however, the best way to really learn through the accreditation process is to attend a judging and watch your images being judged! Member Susie Crichton from Prince George, BC was able to watch her recent successful accreditation in child/infant portrait being judged at our national convention in Halifax. It turned out to be a great learning process for her! Congratulations Susie on your first accreditation! "Born in a little village outside of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, only to grow-up in Vanderhoof, BC, after the age of four. My current passion of capturing images of children and newborns has been fueled by the fact that I only have a few images of myself in the first years of life. Child/Infant Accreditation, Susie Crichton As an on location portrait photographer, I find myself challenged daily. The constant changes from one client's home to another, to what mother nature may have to offer me in the great white North. My training is a combination of being self-taught with a mixture of formal education thrown in. Attending UNBC for a photography program taught by Philomena Hughes was my starting point, I knew this what I wanted to do. Since then attending workshops, taking online courses, and being a part of an amazing group of photographers in Prince George has helped me grow. Child/Infant Accreditation, Susie Crichton Lighting has been the hardest for me to master but something I am striving toward. Thankfully, in Prince George, we have "The Coffee Shop" (a group for PPOC members) which I attend, it is a great avenue for learning and developing my skills as a photographer. I believe learning is best accomplished when it is not done alone as this leads you to challenge yourself, let others challenge you, and forces you to think outside the box. Child/Infant Accreditation, Susie Crichton I joined PPOC in 2011 as an observer and for me that just wasn't enough, driving me to submit to accreditation thus I could be a full member. I was surprised by all the support and the lengths at which members of the PPOC went to help me through this process of getting my images together for accreditation. Attending Nationals in Halifax, where my images were judged and accepted added to my delight in the whole experience of accreditation." Child/Infant Accreditation, Susie Crichton To view more of Susie's work, please visit: Creative Insight Photography


Well deserved! I developed my skill from the conventions, seminars and workshops offered by PPOC as well. And of course all the members willing to provide honest feedback and critiques of my work, especially through competition. Your next step Susie! Be prepared for a bit tougher playing field but so worth the learning!