Central Branch Monthly Shootout Winner for June 2016

In June 2016, Shelby Borys won the monthly shootout, entitled "You shot THAT with a Smartphone?"

JUNE 2016 1st Place: Mountain Rainbow

The theme for the photo contest at the AB Central meeting in June was “You Shot THAT With a Smartphone?” and I had been carefully considering which images to submit since the contest theme was decided in January given how it’s been my favourite hangup in past contests to submit photos that I shot with my iPhone attempting to pass them off as anything but to little avail until now… I only go hiking with my iPhone these days for many reasons, but mainly since the camera’s weight and the ability to keep it safe at the edge of a cliff are greatly improved. Behind the South facing wall of Mt. Yamnuska is a vast bowl of loose rock, forest and intermittent plains that is visible for nearly the entire traverse along the North slopes of the Mt.Yamnuska trail. Given the volatility of the weather in the mountains, my wife and I had the pleasure of witnessing a perfect rainbow form over the course of the hike until we had reached the spot from where I stood to get this shot. I shot this image using the panoramic camera on an iPhone 5S with a polarized wide angle lens attachment designed by Olloclip, which gives panoramic-stitching smartphone cameras an added advantage in capturing foreground detail below the main focus of the subject.