Craftsman of Photographic Arts - David Scougal

To earn the award of Craftsman of Photographic Arts from the Professional Photographer's of Canada, a member must earn an accreditation, accumulate print merits by entering into national print competition, and accumulate service merits by volunteering within the organization. The process takes dedication to the craft of photography and active involvement in the PPOC. This year, David Scougal from Richmond, BC was awarded his Craftsman of Photographic Arts by the PPOC. Congratulations David! Craftsman of Photographic Arts, David Scougal "I started out self-taught but realized I was ignorant of too much to be able to deliver high quality, high value work. Then I took the full 2 year Langara College Professional Photography program and never looked back. I was Don MacGregor’s associate photographer right after graduation and later started my own company, Right Light Photography, Ltd., in 2004. I do mainly on-location executive portraiture now, but still do weddings and family portraits and the occasional commercial/industrial/architectural job for existing clients. Craftsman of Photographic Arts, David Scougal The CPA recognition sets me apart from the crowd of weekend warriors. It’s valuable for marketing and it adds perceived value in my client’s mind. The process means always trying to look for an image that will compete well and that means constantlky seeking improvement in my abilities. The service aspect gains me respect from our peers and also can be used as part of my marketing. I have served as Salon Chair, local and provincial board member, and also attend many affiliate educational events." Craftsman of Photographic Arts, David Scougal The biggest benefit to me is marketing, followed closely by education. The average person who drops a credit card on the counter of a camera store and calls him/herself ‘professional’ doesn’t have the plaques and awards and recognitions that we can gain through membership. More importantly, they usually lack the fellowship which helps with problem solving, tricks-of-the-trade, business advice and skill building." Craftsman of Photographic Arts, David Scougal To view more of David's work, please visit: Right Light Photography


I absolutely love the Principals Office image....totally ROCKS :)

congrats david!