Craftsman of Photographic Arts: Linda Senychych, CPA

We'd like to introduce you to another member who recently earned her Craftsman of Photographic Arts award from the Professional Photographer's of Canada. Linda Senychych is from Calgary, AB where she is active in her branch, holding many roles over the year from branch chair, to registration for national convention, to welcoming all the new members to the branch! Congratulations Linda! "I was six years old when my mom, who cleaned houses to earn spare money, brought me home a Brownie Camera and she gave it to me! The lady that she cleaned for that day couldn’t pay her so she gave her a camera instead of money. My mom wasn't sure what she would do with a camera but she brought it home and set it on the kitchen table. When I came home after school, I saw it and picked it up and started to play with it. It had no film in but I asked my mom to smile. She gave me the camera and while other little girls had dolls and toys, I had a camera! I never left home without that camera! I soon found myself helping my mom do little chores to earn money for film! That began my love for photography! I practiced on everyone in my family and on my friends! PPOC CPA, Linda Senychych I lost that camera when I moved from Toronto to Manitoba, and I cried for weeks on end. Going through high school, I found the love of a camera again and when I graduated, I went to work for a company called Cine Labs, a motion picture studio where I learned much about the film industry. I left there to go to Red River Community College to take some business courses. In 1986, I went to work for a photography studio and that year I participated in 16 weddings and I thought, why am I working for this guy when I could be working for myself? That fall I made an appointment with a lawyer, an insurance agent and an accountant. In January of 1987, I opened up my own business Photography by Linda. PPOC CPA, Linda Senychych I heard about the Professional Photographers of Canada and attended a convention with my good friend Pamela McPharlene where we meet Walter Janzen, Bruce Hendricks, Marlene Fast and many others for the first time! They made us feel so welcome and I remembered asking Walter, do you think I am good enough to join PPOC? He laughed and said you are always welcome here! I thought I wasn’t good enough to be a member, so all you new members don’t think like I did, you are always welcome! Walter sponsored me to the association in 1994 and it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Not only did I get support, I grew with the association, I have learned so much and they were always there to help me in just about anything from growing a business, marketing ideas, how to handle clients, to so much more. They became my family and I will always love them for it and everything that they have given me even to this present day! PPOC CPA, Linda Senychych The hardest thing for me was the transfer to Calgary in 1997, I didn’t want to come here because I had no one here but my husband and two sons. I can remember my very first meeting that I went to, Juan Houston who was the chair at that time, asked if I was accredited. I said no, not yet but I want to be. He said what do you want from this association? I looked at him and smiled and told him maybe his job! He started me working on our committees. I had a ton of time on my hands so I gave my heart and sole to the Calgary branch and did whatever I could for our Alberta branch, and yes, I did take Juan's job as the chair in 2008! Giving back to the association is what I am about these days, where ever I can. Am I still getting something out of it? You betcha; all the great people in this association and all the new ones coming in, meeting so many new people and welcoming them, just as they welcomed me so many years ago! When I received my CPA this year, in my home province, it was so rewarding and an honor to stand up with others who also received theirs! For all the new comers, don’t give up your dreams! The sky’s the limited, go for it you won’t regret it! You deserve it! I wish you all continued success in your business and your dreams, stay a member, the benefits are rewarding! PPOC CPA, Linda Senychych I love the CPA behind my name and am looking forward to someday putting MPA & SPA that is my goal!" To view more of Linda's work, please visit: Photography by Linda


Hey Linda, it's nice to hear your story, and hear your encouraging words for others. Congratulations again on your CPA!

COngratulations! Very inspiring story!

thank you everyone for your kind words

Awesome Linda! I hope one day I can earn my CPA too and what a wonderful write-up about your journey!

Congratulation Linda! Your story came at the right ime for me to see! Thank you!