November 2016 AB-Central monthly photo contest theme “Winter in the World”

 WINNER: Garth Anderson
A few years ago, a brotherly friend and I had planned to spend the weekend skiing at Fernie BC, however, the avalanches that year had shut down a large portion of the ski hill.  Our options were to ski the small amount of terrain at Fernie, drive a few hours to another ski hill, or opt to $$$ up and go Cat Skiing (riding in the cab of a modified ski hill grooming machine  with one of the local operators near Fernie.  We chose the latter and serendipitously, I captured this image using my Canon SD900 while riding in the Cat along the top edge of a narrow ridge.  
The sun was perched at mid morning to my left and was casting intricate shadows along the wind sculpted snow drift.  It was a very bright day so I had the camera ready for correct white balance.  However, it was necessary to choose a fairly fast shutter speed (1/500 sec) because of the wild motion we were experiencing inside the cab of the Cat… the terrain can be quite bumpy.   I was also able to use a good depth of field setting (f8) coupled this shutter speed to get a quick shot of this composition before we tracked past this massive snow drift.
What a great way to experience Winter in the World, skiing deep powder and capturing a unique image of nature’s wind sculpting artistry.