PPOC Director of the Board - British Columbia, David Szabo, CPA SPA

We'd like to introduce you to the PPOC Director of the Board from British Columbia, David Szabo. "Photography had been a hobby before it became my profession. When I got out of high school, I got to borrow my parents little plastic 126 Argus camera for one summer. I realized the power of images and photography that summer. First camera purchased: Canon AE-1 body and 50mm lens. A lot of my money was spent getting film processed at that time and the results I got were not what I had envisioned so I started taking courses and realized there was a lot to learn. In 1990, I decided I was going to go to school and formalize my photographic knowledge. I chose NAIT in Edmonton, so I moved there and spent the next 2 years going through the Photographic Technology program there. After that I got a job with the Edmonton Police Indent section for a short term. That was quite exciting for a new photo grad. After a short term working with another NAIT Grad Tracy Grabowski running a studio in Leduc, Alberta, I moved back to Penticton, BC and started my current studio. The last 17 years have seen many changes in the photographic world, the biggest being the stampede to embrace digital photography. There are many new members who have never worked with film I am sure. Change just keeps on coming… what will be next? Our studio is really a generalist studio. We get an opportunity to photograph many different aspects of photography. I enjoy the diversity. I particularly enjoy the more technical aspects of the jobs I take on, and for that reason enjoy architectural photography probably the most for the challenges it provides. Most of my work involves working with people, which I also love. From emotions on a wedding day, to the relationships we create for ourselves and our families. Getting to know those clients, some who I now call friends, and creating something that will be cherished for many years to come within that family, is my inspiration. My first inspiration in photography came each month in the mail from National Geographic. I am still in awe of the places and images that are created by those chosen to photograph in such remote and common places. Also finding out about Ansel Adams really inspired me. I really would have loved to have met some of the Masters. I did get to attend one of Dean Collins seminars a number of years ago in Calgary and that was an amazing experience! My fellow photographers also a great source of inspiration. Being involved on the Board for PPOC means you take on the challenges that are passed along to each of us working toward the betterment of all photographers. Each affiliate director has specific duties that relate to transferring information to and from each of their affiliate's boards, mine being BC. Also we are tasked with different portfolios that relate to the functioning of the PPOC. I have recently held the Membership and Member Benefits portfolios, as well as Scholarship portfolio. These duties include sourcing new benefits for our members that may be presented to us by various industries, and developing strategies for implementation. The Scholarship Chair really relates to offering the scholarships to our members and maintaining dialogue between members who request reimbursement of those monies." I am always in awe of what nature creates for us to enjoy. This first image I shott on my way out of town a couple years ago, just a spring was arriving and chasing back the ice on one of our little lakes. PPOC Board of Director, David Szabo I had photographed this young boy a couple of times in his first few years. The expression on his face and in his eyes showed a look of despair and youth’s uncertainty… or maybe he just didn’t understand what I was asking and giving me “The Look” PPOC Board of Directors, David Szabo A beautiful young grad. The eyes have it! PPOC Board of Directors, David Szabo Wedding image of groom inhaling his new bride and passing along a gentle kiss at a tender moment. Emotions ablaze on wedding days. PPOC Board of Directors, David Szabo My home! Well not really but it is The Okanagan Lifestyle at it’s finest. Architectural masterpiece over looking the valley! PPOC Board of Directors, David Szabo To view more of David's work, please visit: Szabo Photo