Preparing for a Great Professional Headshot

by Jana Miko

Your headshot is an important representation of you and your business. It should reflect your true personality and can often provide a level of reflection into your business as well. The following are standard guidelines to help prepare you to get the best possible headshot.


- Choose an outfit that fits you well. Make sure it is not too tight(or loose) and that it lays well when you move.

- If you are being photographed on a dark background, choose dark or bright colors that compliment your skin tone.  For a lighter background usually lighter to midtowns are best unless you are going with a suit jacket.   Solid colors are usually best as busy patterns can distract from your face and are more likely to become outdated. A collar is a nice touch, depending on your business.

- Be yourself and true to your business.  Dress the way you would to meet with your best client or prospect.

- For a regular studio session, you may also bring additional outfits to change your look or add a scarf, hat, or prop that reflects your business.


- A little extra Makeup can a good idea for your business portrait but don't over do it.  Neutral tones are best. The idea is to look your best without looking like you are wearing a lot of makeup.  

- Even if you prefer the natural look, a well matched concealer and powder is a good idea to even out skin tones and mascara and a touch of lipstick will enhance your features.

- avoid lip gloss or any glossy makeup as it can create reflections.

- if your hands will be in the photo make sure your nails are clean and evenly trimmed.  Hydrate with lotion if your hands are dry or to minimize hangnails.


- Don't make any drastic changes just before your shoot. If you need a cut, have it done the week before if you can, to give it time to settle and so you are used to styling it.

- Style as you normally would.  If applicable, opt for a style that does not pull your hair tightly back. Wearing your hair down will frame your face nicely for your photo


- Simple jewellery is best, it should be non distracting while adding the finishing touch for a professional appearance.

Now that you are prepared, relax, smile and let your wonderful self shine.