The Value of PPOC Membership

Epson Inkjet printers

John Mitchell PhotographyMember and master photographer John Mitchell from Cambridge, ON owns and operates John Michell Photography. John recently ran into some difficulties with an image, and with the help of his fellow PPOC members, he was able to complete a job on time. The fellowship of members across the nation is one of the strongest benefits to membership in the Professional Photographer's of Canada!

"Once again the value of membership in the PPOC became apparent to me just days before Christmas. The Background I’ll admit I’m a bit of an old dog growing up in the era of film, developer, stop bath, and hypo. The switch to digital was challenging. In the beginning I retouched my own files and submitted them to the lab and they did the colour adjustments. Eventually, I became more comfortable with this area of it and began submitting the files “Print without adjustment!” and then made the big jump to printing my own images about 7 years ago. Days before Christmas, I am printing a rather larger order with images from 6 different files. The father in the portraits was wearing a very nice detailed sweater. When I examined the prints I was horrified: Moiré!  What Happened I looked for ways to correct it. Nothing was found in the “help” on Photoshop. I went back to the raw file which had been converted using Capture 6. The moiré adjustment there didn’t eliminate it. When I zoomed in to 66% or 100% it wasn’t there, but at print size it was back. I didn’t know where to begin. It was bad and was going to take hours to retouch and even then I was afraid that I would lose the detail in the pattern of the sweater. I needed help! At 8:10 in the evening, I logged onto Facebook and went to the PPOC members only page and posted “I need help ASAP” and described my problem. I thought at this time of the night there’s not a hope! In less than 5 minutes, I had fellow member photographers from coast to coast offering suggestions on what to do. Ken Frazer, MPA - PPOC president and owner of Frazer Studio of Photography, said if you can’t see it at 100% it just isn’t there, it has to be a printer file. In frustration, I made a j-peg and e-mailed it to Ken. It is Christmas time and we are all busy, but Ken took time out of his schedule to help me. I got an e-mail from Ken saying that he couldn’t see it at 100% and it just couldn’t be there. He was just starting up his printer and would make a print to confirm it wasn’t there. Ten minutes later, I received another e-mail saying it showed up on the print from his printer as well. I thanked him, and accepted the fact that it was going to be a long night, I had a lot of retouching to do. I was experimenting with the best ways to retouch it, when almost an hour later I received an email from Ken saying I have an answer. What Was Learned I had always been told by the labs to size my prints at 300 ppi. I had always worked on this theory and in the 7 years that I have been printing my own work it has never been a problem. This was Ken’s answer, and if you are doing your own printing with an inkjet printer I suggest you pay close attention to this information. It could save you a lot of time and money. “With Epson Inkjet printers the resolution should ideally be in divisions of 720. (720/2=360, 720/3=240, 720/4=180). So, 180 for really large prints and canvas, 240 for smaller prints, and 360 for prints 8x10 or smaller.” When he resized my image to 360 the moiré disappeared. I immediately resized my images and the problem was solved, saving me countless hours of retouching that would have lessened the quality of the images I would deliver to my client. The next day member Mike Guilbault, MPA of Mike Guilbault Photography added further information when he clarified and confirmed these numbers apply to Epson Printers. Canon printers operate in ppi multiples of 300. I hope posting this information will help more members save valuable time and money in printing their own images.

As for me, I had the real value of my PPOC membership reinforced. As the saying goes, “membership has its benefits!”


Great story! The fellowship in PPO is truly amazing! Worth every penny!

I remember that post and all the amazing help and suggestions you received. I soon realized that this was a great group of people and priceless info was there just for the asking!