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The OBSERVER Series - Part 2 - Journey to Accreditation

The OBSERVER Series – a series of articles for PPOC Observer Members

Part 2 – Journey to Accreditation

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The OBSERVER Series - Part 1 - Pre-accreditation

The OBSERVER Series – a series of articles for PPOC Observer Members

Part 1 – The Pre-Accreditation Process

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2016 PPOC Alberta Central Branch (all branches welcome!) BBQ - Sunday July 17, 1-5 pm

Come join us for our annual PPOC Alberta Central Branch BBQ! All members are welcome.

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Central Branch Monthly Shootout Winner for June 2016

In June 2016, Shelby Borys won the monthly shootout, entitled "You shot THAT with a Smartphone?"

JUNE 2016 1st Place: Mountain Rainbow

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Central Branch Monthly Shootout Winners

The month of April and May were both judged at the same time. And one member stood out and won both!

Congratulations to Jeff McDonald.

From the winning member:

Sports play of the day…

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Canadian Imaging 2017 - early registration

Online Form - Canadian Imaging 2017 - Registration Form - English

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Merits: Easier to Earn than You Think.

Earning your merits falls into that “Givers Gain” efforts. You get so much more back than you provide in earning them.

In the process of earning them you make some great connections, learn more and grow more.

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PPOC-AB Central Branch monthly photo contest Winner

March 2016 - “Animals on the Wild Side”
WINNER: Shelby Borys

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Finding Your Lens’s “Sweet Spot”?

You may have heard about a lenses sweet spot. Knowing this and acting on it, will improve your images. It is something that even some old pros have either forgotten or don’t think about. The Sweet Spot on your lens, what the heck is it in the first place?

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Naturally Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, February 2016 - “Naturally Beautiful” (Nature) - WINNER: David Grossklaus

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