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Finding Your Lens’s “Sweet Spot”?

You may have heard about a lenses sweet spot. Knowing this and acting on it, will improve your images. It is something that even some old pros have either forgotten or don’t think about. The Sweet Spot on your lens, what the heck is it in the first place?

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Naturally Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, February 2016 - “Naturally Beautiful” (Nature) - WINNER: David Grossklaus

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Built Beautiful

PPOC-AB Central Branch Image Competition, January 2016 - “Built Beautiful” (Architecture) - WINNER: Shelby Borys

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Volunteer Members Needed for PPOC-BC Board

We need excited and inspiring members to volunteer for the PPOC-BC board. This will assist you in earning merits for your MPA, CPA, SPA and Fellowship.

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MB Events

List of MB Events

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Lighting Sets The Mood

Without light there is nothing, A blank void, black hole image. Even with those exotic sensors. (Well except for that new Canon with the 1.5 million ISO) So naturally it is critical for us as photographers to have light. But we need to be picky. Any light will not work for all photographs. It has to be matched to the purpose of the image, your vision.

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Alberta Central Branch - Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year

Winning image for 2015 Photo of the Year By Gerry David

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2016 AB Central Branch Contest Themes

Jan - Built Beautiful (Architecture)
Feb - Naturally Beautiful (Nature)
Mar - Animals on the Wild Side
Apr - Sports Play of the Day
May - Panoramic Pieces
June - You Shot THAT with a Smartphone?
July - Most Memorable Destination
Aug - Stage Act
Sept - Airspace is the Place for…
Oct - Time of Transition
Nov - Winter in the World

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