PPOC Board Member - Chris Stambaugh, HLM MPA

On the Professional Photographer's of Canada's executive board, sits a director representing each province in Canada. The Alberta representative is Chris Stambaugh, MPA from Edmonton, AB. Chris also serves in the position of national treasurer. "I have been working as a professional photographer for 22 years. I started out as an avid amateur in high school and took my first photography course thru the Canadian Air Cadets. I fell in love with photography and I was thrilled to learn that “photographer” was an actual profession. I was accepted into the NAIT photography program right after graduating high school and completed the 2 year course in 1989. I opened my own studio soon after graduating from NAIT and have been at it ever since. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh Stambaugh Photographics began as a portrait and wedding studio and became a leader in wedding photography during the 90’s. I am very proud of the fact that I am one of only two photographers to ever win “PPOC wedding album of the year” twice. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh I am still very busy photographing family and children’s portraits but in the last 8 years I have shifted my focus to the corporate and commercial side of the industry. Most of my recent commissions involve publicity portraiture, editorial photography, events and advertizing. I also have recently acquired Imagine That Photographics; an established school photography business (www.imaginethatphotographics.com ). I am preparing to photograph more than 3000 students this fall. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh I am continually changing directions in my career as a way to keep things fresh and maintain my passion for photography. I have also been teaching night school courses and have discovered that I LOVE being an educator. I currently teach 3 courses thru Edmonton Public Schools and 1 course at NAIT. All of them are crazy fun for the students and me. My long term career goals now include becoming a full time educator with NAIT or a comparable post secondary school. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh One of the most rewarding things in my career has been my volunteer work with PPOC. I have held most every position available with my local branch and the province of Alberta. I have organized MANY conventions; both provincial and national. And of course, I have recently held the position of President of PPOC. Since then I have been the PPOC Alberta representative to the PPOC board of directors. I also currently hold the position of Treasurer of PPOC. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh As the Alberta representative, I am responsible for communications between the national and provincial levels. If any member in Alberta has any questions, complaints, compliments or ideas that they would like to express to PPOC, then I am the person they should talk to. I can be contacted via email at seniorstambaugh@gmail.com or by telephone at 780-452-0293. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh As PPOC treasurer I am responsible for; drafting the annual budget, watching over all PPOC expenses, authorizing all payments, and approving the convention budget. I am also responsible for recruiting persons to PPOC portfolio positions. PPOC Board Member, Chris Stambaugh This past year has been particularly full of ups and downs for me. I have not been able to take any photographs since March due to a spontaneously detached retina in my right eye. The eye has since been surgically repaired but the vision in my right eye is permanently disabled. I have been training to shoot with my left eye and should be back to work in the near future. On the bright side, my wife and I have been blessed with a baby boy. Reid Christopher Stambaugh was born on May 4th, 2011. He is the happiest, quietest and most contented baby that we ever would have hoped for. My time away from work due to my injury has been well spent with our baby!" Chris Stambaugh To view more of Chris' work, please visit:Stambaugh Photographics


Beautiful work! Thank you for sharing it with us Chris!