• Magical Kiss / Claude Brazeau MPA
  • Love Potion Number Nine / Jason Brown
  • Twilight Dance / Jenny Alston, MPA
  • In Her Realm / Gina Yesnik, MPA

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Board of Directors

The PPOC Board of Directors is comprised of seven elected members, one from each Region. The volunteer members that make up our board of directors are responsible for the day-to-day conduct of the Association's affairs.


PPOC Chairperson & PPOC Atlantic Director
Louise Vessey MPA SPA
Email: Chair@ppoc.ca or ATdirector@ppoc.ca
Phone: (902) 894-7141

PPOC Vice Chair & PPOC BC Director
Ross Outerbridge MPA 
Email: BCdirector@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (250) 314-7627

PPOC Treasurer & PPOC MB Director
Charmaine Toews CPA
Email: MBdirector@ppoc.ca or treasurer@ppoc.ca
Phone: (204) 326-9699

PPOC QC Director
Jean-François Perreault CPA
Email: QCdirector@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (514) 312-8597

PPOC ON Director
Sébastien Lavallée MPA 
Email: ONdirector@ppoc.ca 
Phone: (819) 319-9075

PPOC AB Director
Jill Shantz MPA
Email: ABdirector@ppoc.ca
Phone: (780) 499-8182